Hello Nerdines and Nerds, I periodically check my WiFi Neighborhood and there was one device which got my attention.

A HP Printer, seems like a Christmas gift. Normally you should follow the First Use or Quick Start Guide instructions, do you ? Noooo.

As a totally unexperienced Person in IT I trust my network and all neighbours so I'm Plug-and-Play my Printer leaving the most useful and strong password of default (12345678) for the WiFi Direct Connection and be happy.

So I've done some tests and scanning, as you see.

I've also done a verbose port-scan but all ports are filtered. Never the less I searched the web and found a hint from HP itself, they have the hplip (HP Linux Printing Toolkit), this thing also has debugging tools. Now I was even more excited.

I quickly installed this driver package with development libraries for HP Printer and could connect.

Unfortunately the debugging tools not all worked, I think in stock configuration this is prohibited for a good reason.

So my conclusion ?

I did not test to print the testpage, to expose myself. I want to try to find the owner of this printer and inform that he/she should change their WiFi Direct password or even disable it, if not used.